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Chemistry, Art, & Two Guys from Wisconsin

In researching various floor coatings, we considered a variety of products.  We looked at the “do it yourself” versions of garage floor coatings, as well as several products applied by contractors.  One of our biggest challenges was the need to coat the floor in February in Massachusetts.  Cape Cod isn’t the coldest place on earth right now, but it’s far chillier than the temperatures optimal for sealing concrete floors.  Fortunately, we were referred to Harry Heise of Specialty Coating Solutions (SCS).

Zig (left) and Harry (right) touch up the surface around one of the sea turtle tanks.

Zig (left) and Harry (right) touch up the surface around one of the sea turtle tanks.

With a degree in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Harry loves to figure out the perfect product for the situation at hand.  He has patented at least one mixture, and has come up with innovative applications for many others.  At first, most of his work was in industry – waste water, paper mills, utility companies.  One day he was asked to consult on a zoo application, and suddenly a sideline in the zoo and aquarium industry was born.  Harry says he enjoyed working on the National Marine Life Center job because he is excited to use his experience to help the animals.

A job well done!  Harry (left) and Zig (right) of Specialty Coating Solutions.

A job well done! Harry (left) and Zig (right) of Specialty Coating Solutions.

Siegfried (Seig) Fritz helped Harry with the job at NMLC.  With a degree in Art from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Sieg finds he can apply some of the skills and principles of floor sealing to his art.  He also enjoyed visiting several of the art galleries in Falmouth while here.  (Like Harry, Sieg currently lives in North Carolina.)  Sieg said he looks forward to returning to NMLC once we open for patients!

Thank you Harry and Sieg of Specialty Coating Solutions for your stories, your good humor in cold weather, and your excellent workmanship!


  1. Thank you Harry and Zig–without your services NMLC was at the mercy of New England weather which is always an adventure. Although I did not have a cahnce to meet you, I feel that you are now part of our NMLC family and hope you will continue to follow our progress as we move ever closer to being able to care for marine animals. It is people like you and your innovative methods that keep us forging ahead. thanks Jeff

  2. Thanks Zig! It was so much fun to have you here. I enjoyed talking about Wisconsin! We’d love it for you to forward this to your friends. Thanks for helping to spread the word about NMLC!
    Best, Kathy

  3. Hey Kathy! -thanks for the wonderful article on our contribution to your project, I had a great time working at your facility. You guys are All fantastic people! Good luck on all your projects!

    P.S. I hope it’s o.k- i will be forwarding this to a bunch of friends who love what (the work) you folks are about!

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