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Congratulations, Feet, Fins, & Flippers 5K winners!

And they're off!It was a gorgeous day for a race! Under crisp, sunny skies, 209 runners and walkers were cheered on by dozens of supporters as they ran, walked, jogged, logged, rolled, strolled, danced, and pranced to help marine animals!

Thank you to all the runners, walkers, supporters, sponsors, donors, and volunteers who helped make our 2016 Feet, Fins & Flippers 5K a success! With your help, we raised over $10,100 to help the animals!

Congratulations to all who participated. In our view, you are all winners! Following are the best times in each category.

Click here for a PDF version of the overall results and the results by age class.

Overall Results – MenCongratulations to winners Eric Gail and Courtney Skelly!
Eric Gail 0:18:48
Jeff Peterson 0:20:07
Chris Foley 0:20:47

Overall Results – Women
Courtney Skelly 0:20:52
Cindy Holliday 0:22:45
Maureen McNally 0:22:46

12 & under (Neonate) – Men
Niko Duarte 0:22:08
Nathan Bolt 0:26:36
Aidan Tamburrini 0:27:47

Sully Seal and Dolly Dolphin cheered on runners!12 & under (Neonate) – Women
Ella Driggers 0:37:42
Mia DiPaolo 0:38:46
Kaya Obrien 0:49:54

13-19 (Pup) – Men
Roman Martis 0:24:29
David Swenson 0:25:41
Daniel Halter 0:28:29

13-19 (Pup) – Women
Abby Foley 0:23:00
Sully Seal & Dolly Dolphin cheered on runners!Timary Malley 0:23:01
Haley McDonagh 0:24:03

20-29 (Yearling) – Men
Nicholas Reagan 0:22:04
Chase Ferry 0:22:50
Kieran Kirk 0:24:26

20-29 (Yearling) – Women
Alicia Rooney 0:25:25
Erica Seidenberg 0:26:49
Ashley Truman 0:27:37

Thank you to all our Sponsors, including Buzzards Bay Veterinary Associates!30-39 (Juvenile) – Men
Brett Lyons 0:24:05
Drew Gundlach 0:29:17
Christopher Lyons 0:35:48

30-39 (Juvenile) – Women
Elizabeth Hughes 0:25:30
Billie Salyers 0:26:34
Jen Ryder 0:27:13

40-49 (Sub-Adult) – Men
Mark Fields 0:22:12
Shawn Towne 0:23:15
The Mermaid Bus joined us!Steve Murray 0:24:33

40-49 (Sub-Adult) – Women
Heidi Sanders 0:24:01
Denise Kirk 0:25:02
Christie Breen 0:25:17

50-59 (Adult) – Men
Brian Studley 0:22:58
Gregg Seibert 0:23:29
David Gulley 0:25:28

50-59 (Adult) – Women
Paula Baxter 0:23:24
Registration volunteers found time to smile!Karen Stott 0:26:11
LeaAnne Doyle 0:28:55

60+ (Senior) – Men
Steve Allen 0:23:18
Don Delikat 0:26:44
Tom Abbott 0:27:29

60+ (Senior) – Women
Mary Anne Gibbs 0:31:01
Lucy O’Hearn 0:34:16
Mary Neumann 0:34:45We had some great raffle prizes!







Thank you interns and volunteers!

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  1. Great post! The Feet, Fins and Flippers 5K was a very nice event, and it was wonderful to see so many participants enjoying the day!

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