Caring for Stranded Marine Animals
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Virtual Discovery Zone

During the current covid-19 pandemic, many of us are adjusting to a whole different way of working, learning, and sharing. Here at the National Marine Life Center, we know many families are facing increased challenges with home schooling and sheltering at home. To help, NMLC offers the following resources!

We’re here for you! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, or if you would like to schedule a private virtual program, please e-mail We offer virtual classes in a variety of topics!

May Discovery Zone Activities
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  • Eat Like a Whale – Whales are incredible! There are 90 different species of whales, dolphins, and porpoise. They belong to two groups, those with baleen and those with teeth. Discover what these two groups eat and how they catch their food! Video Here
  • Marine Animal Medical Mystery TURTLES – learn what it takes to care for a marine animal when they arrive at NMLC. Practice with a stuffie at home as we guide you through with a video!
  • Tracking and Tagging Marine Animals – How do we learn where ocean animals spend their time, how fast they swim, and “how far they’ll go”? We can track and identify them with tagging devices! Learn all about how we tag and track ocean animals. Video 
  • Sea Turtles Behind the Scenes – Have you ever wondered how the National Marine Life Center cares for our Sea Turtle patients? Learn about what our sea turtles eat, what we give them to heal their shells, and how we get them ready to go back to the wild again. Video
  • Live Program – A Seal SurpriseWatch on Facebook LIVE, Thursday May 14th, 12:00PM EDT
  • Marine Animal Medical Mystery SEALS – learn what it takes to care for a marine animal when they arrive at NMLC. Practice with a stuffie at home as we guide you through with a video!
  • Backyard Explorer Scavenger Hunt – Curiosity is the beginning of scientific exploration! Get out of the house
    and explore what living things are thriving in your own back yard or
    nearby nature space. Bring your own tools like magnifying glass, binoculars, or nature journal!
  • Marine Debris Dilemma – Watch on Facebook LIVE, Wednesday May 6th, 2:00PM EDT
  • Join us on Facebook Live for Saturday Night Trivia!Saturday Night Ocean Trivia (Saturdays throughout May at 7 pm)Do you know the difference between a whale shark and a whale? Do you know which marine animal has the shortest nursing period of any mammal? Join us tonight to test your ocean trivia skills! It’s fun for the whole “pod”! Register here for the opportunity to win prizes throughout the event. (Registration not required!)
  • Sea Animal Sleepytime Story (Thursdays at 7:30 pm)Join us on Facebook as our educators read a marine animal story! We know the days of staying at home have been getting long. So relax tonight and share with your child a book read by someone else! We hope this makes bed time and winding down just a little bit more (sea)rene.
  • Patient Update LIVE! (Tuesdays starting May 12 at 6 pm and Saturdays at 11 am) – update about our marine animal patients on Facebook Live.

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