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Eighth Grader Grants NMLC Wishes!

“Dear Friend,
IMG_6109“I would like to let you know about a wonderful cause that I am very passionate about.  It’s the National Marine Life Center.  The National Marine Life Center in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts’ mission is rehabilitating stranded sea turtles, seals, dolphins, porpoises, and small whales, and advancing scientific knowledge and education in marine wildlife health and conservation.  I have visited the center and was inspired by the work they do there.
“Have you ever heard of the stranded turtles on the news?  This center will nurse them back to health.  But they can’t do it alone.  The National Marine Life Center accepts all kinds of donations.  The complete list is on their website
“My family will be driving to the NMLC in Buzzards Bay on March 27 to bring our donations from the NMLC wish list.  If you would like to add anything of your own let us know, or you could just donate online at
“Thank you for your time and support”
~ Katherine M., 8th Grade, Wilmington Middle School

Katherine recently held a drive to collect donations from the National Marine Life Center’s wish list.  She collected arts and craft supplies, medical supplies, miscellaneous cleaning supplies, as well as cash donations.  Thank you, Katherine, for your passion and dedication to helping marine wildlife! you are an inspiration!


  1. Katherine is an inspiration to all! She will help insure that the ocean and its beautiful inhabitants can continue to awe people! Thank you, Katherine!

  2. You are such a great inspiration to everyone in Wilmington! Thanks so much for doing this. Wow I’m so impressed. Good for you. Yeah Girl! You go girl!

  3. Yay! Great Work So Proud of You!!!!

  4. Awesome job Katherine! this was really a great thing to get involved in, very proud of you!

  5. Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful comments! And thank you again to Katherine for your efforts to help the animals!

  6. Katherine! We are so proud of you. You did a great job collecting all your supplies and you show great promise as a future leader and worker. Save those turtles!

    Collective message from the whole Bockus family!

  7. Hey Katherine, this was a great project! i hope you continue to help the turtles!

  8. Hey Katherine I think that it is great that you took intrest in something you believe in. Congratulations on all the items you raised. I wish
    you all the luck. You saved the turtles! Once again congratulations

  9. Great project Katherine. You are really helping the tutles and it is nice to see someone your age can make a difference. Good luck!!

  10. It is a wonderful project that you have undertaken to come to the aid of marine wildlife in need.I know you are an animal lover. I am very impressed that someone your age could undertake such a project and be so successful. I hope you are an inspiration to young people your age and they will follow your good example.

  11. I am so impressed with this work. I hope all NMLC supporters read this blog. It reminds me, once again, of how great the members of our younger generation are. The future is in good hands.
    Thanks, Katherine!

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