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9-year-old Sells Artwork to Save Sea Animals!

Ariana shows two of her Sea Me slates.“Hi, my name is Ariana Lee Levesque.  I am 9 years old.  I enjoy doing paintings and collages for The National Marine Life Center.  I also take guitar lessons and horse back riding too!  The reason I’m doing this is to raise money for stranded, lost or hurt sea animals.  I love sea animals and don’t want them to get hurt.  I’d also like to mention my VoVo [Grandmother] Donna Bernardo.  She taught me how to paint and stencil.  I’ve been painting and stenciling since I was 2.  I hope you like my work.  I hope some of you will help out too.”

Ariana's "Sea Me" slate tiles

Editor’s Note:  The above note was written by the artist.  Ariana’s unique Sea Me slate tiles are available for sale in NMLC’s Marine Animal Discovery Center & Gift Shop.


  1. Hi Maddy.
    First of all, thank you so much for caring about sea animals! One of the most important things you can do is share your love for the animals by telling other people what they can do to protect them. Simple things, like picking up trash at the beach and disposing of it properly, recycling, and, as you mention, donating.
    Depending on where you live, there are a lot of great organizations who can really use your donation. Everyone accepts cash donations. Many also accept “in-kind” donations of goods or services (e.g., towels, medical supplies). One place to look for the stranding network organization closest to you is at the NOAA website.
    Visit:, scroll down to the state where you live to find the name of the closest organization that saves sea animals, and then you can Google them to find their website.
    The National Marine Life Center would be privileged to accept your donation of any amount, or your in-kind donation. You can donate on-line at Our wish list is also posted at:
    Again, thank you for caring.

  2. my name is Maddy i am 10 yrs old and i wish to save the sea animals also i would love to help but i don’t know who to donate to

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