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Girl Scout Project Helps Sea Turtles!

Save the Sea Turtles! By Adriana C.I have been a Girl Scout since I was in Kindergarten and just finished my last year in Juniors. The highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn is the Bronze Award.

I learned that sea turtles were endangered and decided to do my Bronze Award project creating a brochure that told people the dangers sea turtles face and how they could help.

The award requires a community service part so in June I volunteered with Dylan from the NMLC at the Cape Cod Maritime Museum Maritime Festival doing crafts and putting on tattoos. In July I volunteered at Reptile Weekend at the ZooQuarium with other members of my troop doing games, a scavenger hunt and, again, putting on tattoos. At both events I had my brochures available to the public. I also created an information presentation board with brochures available for taking which I entered at the Barnstable County Fair (and won 1st prize).

Adriana teaches children about marine animals at the Cape Cod Maritime Festival.I hope that through my project I have inspired people to take action and help the sea turtles by doing simple things such as using reusable bags and water bottles and holding on to their balloons.

I have submitted my work for review to Girl Scouts and am hoping it will be approved for my Bronze Award.

~ Adriana C.

Adriana and Dylan at the Cape Cod Maritime Festival

Editors’ Note:  Adriana approached the National Marine Life Center with her project idea and offer to help.  We are grateful to her for helping with the festival, for her wonderful brochure, and for caring about sea turtles!  ~ Kathy


  1. Great work, Adriana! Congratulations on receiving the Bronze
    Award for your project and wonderful brochure! It will certainly help beach goers knbow what to do if they find a sea turtle. You are certain to help our oceans and the critters that live there be healthier!

  2. Nice website Adriana I like your project. I earned my Bronce to.

    Great job on earning your Bronce

  3. HOORAY! Well done, Adriana! Congratulations!!

  4. I got a letter a few days ago saying that it was accepted, so I have officially earned my Bronze Award now!

  5. Thank you very much, Adriana! Sea turtles have a wonderful champion in you!

  6. Awesome work, Adriana! We need more young people like you to educate others about sea turtles and keeping our oceans clean.

  7. Great job! I think everyone should ask if they can post your flyer when they go to the beach!

  8. Adriana, you are an awesome young person! I hope you get the Girl Scout Award you are hoping for. You deserve it!

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