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2nd Grade Class Raises $150 for NMLC!

The second grade class in room A312 at Forestdale School in Malden, MA raised $150 for the National Marine Life Center . Inspired by a sea turtle unit they were doing in class, the 21 students joined together to make a display to share their knowledge, raise awareness and encourage people to donate in whatever way they can.

Let’s give these kids a hand! We here at NMLC certainly appreciate such a thoughtful gesture, as do all of our patients. Sounds like we have 21 wonderful, future marine biologists.

The letter from all 21 classmates!


A312 class and their display board

The poem written by the class

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  1. What a wonderful project these children, guided by their teacher, did!! How excited they were to be able to donate the money they raised to NMLC to help sea turtles! They are certain to be great advocates for sea turtles, marine mammals, and healthy oceans!! Thank you to all! I hope they get to stop in at the Discovery Center, and identify themselves as part of that class. Perhaps they would like a sea turtle finger puppet to color and use to share their message!

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