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Thank you for a wonderful internship!

Three short months ago,

At the end of May

I went to start my internship,

Down in Buzzard’s Bay

My first day at the NMLC,

Everyone was very kind

They trained me for this summer,

And they sharpened up my mind

Animal care was very exciting,

Helping out the turtles and seals

Cleaning, water quality, laundry,

And preparing all of their meals

I learned that grey seals are quite feisty,

And sea turtles take their time to eat

That you always need to be patient,

And be able to think on your feet

I taught children about marine life,

And read a book or two

I hope I put smiles on their faces,

And taught them something new

As the summer came to an end,

 I celebrated at the mermaid ball

I learned more working at the NMLC,

than I’ll ever learn in a college lecture hall

I want to thank all of the volunteers and staff,

It was a pleasure working with everyone

Thank you for making it so memorable,

But don’t worry, I’ll be back!

 My time with you has only just begun.


  1. Becky- You Rocked this summer!!! You will be missed, come back and visit!!

  2. Great article Becky and you totally rocked! Can’t wait to see you again good luck with school!

  3. Great description, and great enthusiasm, Becca. So glad to have gotten to know you. I especially enjoyed your upbeat, take charge work reading to kids the Monday after the Mermaid Ball.

  4. What an awesome poem, Becky! Thank you so much for all your help! We expect to see you back often!

  5. Becca, it was so nice to meet you and to work some with you when we were in Buzzards Bay. Good luck in all you do and thanks for your work at NMLC!

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