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Aquatic Adventures: Food Web Fun

This Aquatic Adventure will take you on a journey through the Trophic Levels of a food web. See “who eats who” in the ocean, learn spectacular new vocabulary, and be prepared to share what you know about predators and prey.

Topic: Food Webs, Marine Food Webs
Grade Level: Worksheet Activities for Grades Kindergarten – 5th

Next Generation Science Standards:

1)  K-LS1-1. Use observations to describe patterns of what plants and animals (including humans) need to survive.

LS1.C: Organization for Matter and Energy Flow in Organisms
All animals need food in order to live and grow. They obtain their food from plants or from other animals. Plants need water and light to live and grow.

2) 2-LS4-1.  Make observations of plants and animals to compare the diversity of life in different habitats.

LS4.D: Biodiversity and Humans
There are many kinds of living things in any area, and they exist in different places on land and in water.

3)  5-PS3-1. Use models to describe that energy in animals’ food (used for body repair, growth, and motion and to maintain body warmth) was once energy from the sun.

PS3.D: Energy in Chemical Processes and Everyday Life
The energy released [from] food was once energy from the sun that was captured by plants in the chemical process that forms plant matter (from air and water).

LS1.C: Organization for Matter and Energy Flow in Organisms
Food provides animals with the materials they need for body repair and growth and the energy they need to maintain body warmth and for motion. (secondary)

Lesson Guide & Worksheet available HERE.

Many helpful lessons for Food Webs are available on YouTube. This is one of our favorites, produced by Crash Course Kids!