Caring for Stranded Marine Animals
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Career Resources for Students

Marine animal rescue, rehabilitation, release, and research is an exciting field.  There are many ways to get involved, most commonly as a volunteer.  Following are some resources that may be of use as you explore this field.

Job & Volunteer Opportunities in Marine Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation:
There are many ways to help marine animals!Biologist/Scientist
Board Member
Communications Officer
Education Director
Executive Director
Facilities Manager
Fundraiser/Development Officer
Gift Shop Manager
Human Resources Director
Laboratory Technician
Life Support Systems Engineer
Membership Manager
Necropsy Coordinator
Office Manager
Resource Manager
Stranding Coordinator
Veterinary Technician
Volunteer Coordinator

How To Get There From Here:

  • Volunteer, volunteer, VOLUNTEER – any experience with animals and science helps.
  • GO to COLLEGE.  Consider higher education (Master’s or Doctoral degree).
  • READ professional journals, NOTICE where the authors are from.
  • ATTEND scientific conferences.  INTRODUCE yourself to presenters.
  • VISIT marine science facilities, TALK to workers in the field.
  • Be REALISTIC, but….
  • FOLLOW your DREAM!


For a printable sheet listing these resources, click here.

As some closing food for thought, here’s an article by John E. Reynolds, III of Eckerd College and the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission“Surviving Professional Puberty in Marine Mammalogy: Things Mom and Dad Didn’t Tell You.”

Careers involving marine mammals and sea turtles