Patient Update October 3rd

























Androscoggin “Andy”, Chicopee, Pawcatuck “Tuck”, and Piscataqua “Cat”


The Tank 2 Crew is doing well without any significant health changes. This past week they received a pre-release examination to determine their weight, length, and overall health regarding a potential release. After careful examination of these seals by our team of veterinarians, it was determined that Andy (first photo), Chicopee (fourth photo), Tuck (third photo) and Cat (second photo) are all in very good health, and are eligible for a release! Stay tuned for further updates on their release status as we continue to look into release sites that are not afflicted by the declared Unusual Mortality Event (UME) and we try to get these seals back into the wild where they will flourish!








After receiving eye surgery to help promote the growth of healthy tissue in her eye, Sugar has done very well! Also she initially struggled being separated from Bear and Jones after being moved to an isolation pod, she has since adjusted to the operation. After receiving treatments following the surgery, she cleared another exciting milestone! Sugar has been moved to one of our larger tanks! Check back in next week for updates on the success of her eye procedure when we take her stitches out!














Jones and Bear

Jones (top) and Bear (bottom) are doing very well without any significant health changes. While we await the results from Sugar’s eye surgery to determine if either Jones or Bear would be a candidate for such a procedure, they too have been moved to one of our larger tanks! As of this week they are off all treatments and have graduated from Pup Room alongside Sugar. Here the three of them will be reunited and continue to eat well up until their eventual release!










Etta is doing well without any significant changes to her health. There has been no word on potential dates for  her surgery, although it will likely occur in the coming weeks as we at the National Marine Life Center prepare for this upcoming turtle season. She continues to eat as much squid as she desires – being the only sea turtle at our facility, she gets a lot of attention from our dedicated volunteers.


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