Patient Update: September 14, 2017

CT Scan


September 14, 2017          Seals 5             Sea Turtles 2

Recent Releases

SEALly Ride– Seally did very well here at NMLC! She was released at Scusset Beach on September 7th along with Emmy, Ralph, and Rachel.


Ralph Waldo EmerSEAL– Ralph had been at NMLC for a little over three months and was always roommates with Rachel! He was known for swimming laps in his tank and we hope he is swimming huge laps in the ocean!


Rachel CarSEAL– Rachel loved spending her time hauled out when in the pod! Now she is out in the wild and was released with her forever roommate Ralph.

Emmy RosSEAL– At such a young age, Emmy has had an exciting life. She came to us with a large shark bite on her right side, but it healed within one month and she was on her way! She was always known for her loud screaming at meal time.


Current Patients

SEALonardo DiCaprio– Our little runt has finally his 25 pounds! After learning how to eat, he has grown and is now in the big tank. We love our Leo and are very proud of him for learning how to eat and gaining weight!

SEALbert Einstein- Sealbert, more frequently known as Al, is almost release ready! He has been tagged and already weighs a whopping 49 pounds! He loves doing laps in the big pool now and it is only a matter of time until release!

RoSEALind Franklin– Rosie is also almost ready for release! She weighs 38 pounds and is loving her new larger space, where she can have a little more room with the two largest personalities in the hospital, Leo and Al.

Dian FosSEAL– Diane is a small miracle! When she first arrived, she had megaesophagus, which she fixed all on her own! She then came down with a mild cold, but with time and some medication she is doing great and will be released shortly.

GiSEAL Bundchen– Giseal has a double ear infection, otherwise known as otits media. Recently, our veterinarian, Dr. Sea Rogers Williams, and our Animal Care and Volunteer Manager, Margot Madden took a trip with Giseal to Tufts for a CT scan. The scan went well and we are happy to announce that she does not have osteomyelitis, meaning the infection has not spread to her bones. This is excellent, and we will have more news to come regarding Giseal’s status!

Roman– Roman has been with us for about two years now. He was recently moved to our smaller tank, ISO, along with Gunst. He is under consistent observation and more updates regarding his status will come.

Gunst– Gunst recently underwent exploratory surgery to remove dead tissue due to cold stunning from both of his front flippers. He is recovering well in ISO, along with Roman, and his staples were recently removed by our vet.


Posted by Megan R.


Megan is a Summer 2-Fall 2017 Animal Care Co-op. She is in her fourth year studying Marine Biology and Environmental Studies at Northeastern University.