Caring for Stranded Marine Animals
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Speakers’ Bureau

National Marine Life Center experts would love to speak with your club or community group! Lectures may be offered virtually or in person.

Topics may include the following.

  • Conservation through Rehabilitation, Science, and Education: Marine Animal Strandings & Rehabilitation on Cape Cod
  • From Whaling to Whale Watching: How Marine Animals Shaped the History and Culture of Cape Cod
  • In Hot Water: How Global Warming Affects Massachusetts Sea Turtles, Seals, and Whales
  • Marine Animal Adaptations & Biomimicry
  • Oil Spills & Marine Animals
  • Sea Turtle Strandings on Cape Cod
  • Sperm Whales: Leviathans of the Sea
  • Unidentified Beaked Whale, or How I Got Hooked on Marine Animal Strandings & Science, presented by Kathy Zagzebski
  • Why Wildlife Matters

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