9-year-old Sells Artwork to Save Sea Animals!

Ariana shows two of her Sea Me slates.“Hi, my name is Ariana Lee Levesque.  I am 9 years old.  I enjoy doing paintings and collages for The National Marine Life Center.  I also take guitar lessons and horse back riding too!  The reason I’m doing this is to raise money for stranded, lost or hurt sea animals.  I love sea animals and don’t want them to get hurt.  I’d also like to mention my VoVo [Grandmother] Donna Bernardo.  She taught me how to paint and stencil.  I’ve been painting and stenciling since I was 2.  I hope you like my work.  I hope some of you will help out too.”

Ariana's "Sea Me" slate tiles

Editor’s Note:  The above note was written by the artist.  Ariana’s unique Sea Me slate tiles are available for sale in NMLC’s Marine Animal Discovery Center & Gift Shop.