Cape Cod is a stranding hotspot.  Each year, up to hundreds of live sea turtles, seals, dolphins, porpoises, and whales strand on our beaches, sick, injured, and in need of medical care.

In 1995, a group of visionaries gathered to address the significant environmental need of a hospital to care for these stranded animals, many of whom are endangered and all of whom are federally-protected species.  And thus, the National Marine Life Center was born.

We honor and thank our founding board, especially founding chair Elizabeth Hornor and her successor Townsend Hornor, for their tremendous efforts to get the National Marine Life Center off the ground.  We continue to work tirelessly to build and implement their vision.

Elizabeth Horner
Elizabeth S. “Betsy” Hornor


Townsend Horner
Townsend “Townie” Hornor

Founding Board:
Joseph Carlson
Dr. Joseph Geraci (deceased)
Betsy Hornor (deceased) – Founding Chair
Townsend Hornor (deceased)
Sallie Riggs
Michael Stusse
Brad Towle (deceased)
Patsy Towle (deceased)

To donate to the Elizabeth S. Hornor Memorial Fund, which helps fund our marine animal rehabilitation program, please click here.

To donate to the Townsend Hornor Memorial Fund, which helps fund our marine animal hospital construction project, please click here.

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