A big step to a career: Brie’s internship blog 1

I prepare to return Teanna to her tank after a thorough cleaning!

At 4 am on Monday morning, I prepared to catch my plane to Buzzards Bay to begin my internship at the NMLC. I’ve learned so much this week about how the center runs, like how volunteers and staff support each other, water chemistry testing procedures, tank cleaning practices, the backgrounds and treatment for the turtles, and about the goals the center has for caring for its current patients and for future patients.

This is an exciting time to be involved with the NMLC because we are in a period of transition. Nine of the ten turtles in our care are scheduled for release next week, a great accomplishment for the hardworking staff and volunteers here. Also, the new hospital is making great strides, and hopes to hold its first patients soon. I’m happy to be here to experience the celebration of the completion of NMLC’s big goals, and contribute to the completion of future goals, too.

I have a number of goals for myself this summer: moving across the country from the University of Nebraska was no small feat in itself! To make the most of my time here, I’ve created some goals for myself. A few of the most important ones are:

  • Expand my public speaking skills, and get people excited about conservation.
  • I hope to learn from the staff around me as well as from the other interns.
  • I hope to get out in New England – experience the culture, food, and entertainment that they have here.
  • I hope to have an impact on the people I speak to and work with and for the people to have an impact on me.
  • Get a list of graduate programs I’m interested together
  • Contact some major sea turtle researchers to inquire about openings in their programs
  • Oh – and maybe even get a tan?!
The future is bright for me as well as for these Red-Bellied Cooter hatchlings!

The future is bright! I love what I’ve seen of Massachusetts so far and am looking forward to spending the next three months here. I’m excited to see what this summer holds for me, and what skills and experiences I will have here at the NMLC.

Now – if only the weather would be as sunny!