A Bright Future

diamondback terrapin

The past two weeks at the National Marine Life Center have been busy and full of promise. Just as the few days of sun we received were a hint of what the summer has in store, all that has gone on at NMLC recently has shown just how exciting this summer will be as things continue to heat up.

Teanna’s release in Wellfleet last Thursday was very successful. She did not hesitate at all to jump right into a marsh close to where she got herself stuck in a window well last fall, and it was great to see her back where she belongs. Unlike the red-bellied cooters released in May, Teanna was in need of rehabilitation from NMLC when she arrived in January, making this release a bit more special. She would not be swimming around the marshes of Wellfleet today without the help of the staff and volunteers at NMLC. As everything moves forward with the new hospital and we start getting patients in, more successful rehabilitations and releases of turtles, seals, and other marine animals are sure to follow.

The National Marine Life Center has been getting the word out about our goals to families from all across the Cape in

The Discovery Center at NMLC

the past two weeks, and it has been great to see how much interest there is in the center. Last weekend we had an informational booth set up at the Sandwich Women’s Club “Touch a Truck” in Sandwich and this weekend we participated in the Cape Cod Maritime Museum’s Maritime Festival in Hyannis. Both events were great opportunities to give people an idea of what kind of work we do at NMLC. Kids and parents alike were fascinated by the preserved turtles and various whale artifacts that we brought along, and the marine animal arts and crafts were a big hit. Before we know it the Discovery Center at NMLC will be filled with families on summer vacation and kids excited to learn about all sorts of marine animals.

Though we may run into a couple more rainy days before it gets here, a bright summer certainly lies ahead at the National Marine Life Center!

Posted by Brian Q.
Brian is a Summer, 2011 Intern at the National Marine Life Center.