Adding FRP

Kate applying FRP adhesive to the back of a panel.Last week and over the weekend, volunteers worked with staff to add “FRP” panels to our new food prep room. FRP is short for “fiberglass reinforced plastic”. These wall panels are durable and easy to clean, helping to create a sanitary kitchen. Only the best for our wildlife patients!

The flat walls were the easy part.  We could use an entire sheet of FRP and piece them together with special fittings in between.  The corner behind the water heater was the trickiest!  Pipes coming through the wall made it especially difficult.

Kate and Jim affix an FRP panel to the wall.Steps included measuring and cutting each FRP panel (if necessary), applying FRP adhesive, placing on the wall, rolling to eliminate bubbles, and affixing trip.  Then repeat as needed!

We think the results are great!

Food prep before FRP.Food prep after FRP.