All I Want for Christmas….

Happy Holidays from NMLC!We are almost ready to accept sea turtles in our new animal hospital!  There are several items that we need to fully equip the hospital for our first sea turtle patients.  Your donations will be used to care for rehabilitating sick and injured sea turtles throughout the year.  Please drop off any donated items or funds to the National Marine Life Center offices from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

Sea Turtle Holiday Wishlist:
~ Bleach
~ Clip Boards
~ Digital Camera
~ Digital X-Ray Processor
~ Dish Detergent
~ Dry Erase Markers
~ Gift Cards to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Pet Smart, Petco, WalMart, etc.
~ Hand Sanitizer
~ Heavy Duty Blender
~ Heavy Duty Hand Truck
~ Hose Reels
~ Hoses and Spray Nozzles
~ Knives for Food Prep
~ Large White Boards
~ Laundry Detergent
~ Medical Tape
~ Metal Shelving
~ Pill Crusher/Mortar and Pestle
~ Pool Scrubbers
~ Pool Skimmers
~ Rubber Boot Trays
~ Rubbermaid Storage Cabinets
~ Slickers
~ Sponges
~ Squeegees
~ Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons/Cups
~ Stainless Steel Buckets
~ Stethoscopes
~ Temperature Gauges for Fridge/Freezer
~ Towels (New or Used)
~ Funds for Construction Costs!

Click here to download our wishlist flyer.  For questions, please contact our Animal Care Technician Kate Shaffer at or (508) 743-9888 x307.

Thank you for your help!

Christmas Sea Turtle Wish List 2010