Ameila’s wounds show signs of healing

Assisted by Drs. Ryer and Voorhis we examined the shell fragment from the wounded and wayward Diamond-back terrapin Amelia.

see: Amelia Admitted to Hospital after Crash Landing

The fragment appears to have lost blood supply and will not heal, but the tissues under the fragment are clean and starting to fill in and protect the underling structures.  The shell fragment will be lost and leave little Amelia with a scar (and perhaps a good story).  We’ll leave the shell piece behind for now, and monitor the healing as we continue the daily wound care.  Ameila is being offered food daily and has not lost weight.  The healing granulation tissue can be measured, and when the shell fragment is distracted you can just make out a thin tissue layer that may be protecting the body cavity (red *).    So far, so good, and we’ll continue to keep a close eye on the wound, and on our little patient.

For more detail on Amelia’s condition check out the latest in Rounds Notes.

Amelia the wounded Diamond-back terrapin
Amelia the wounded Diamond-back terrapin
microscopic view of the fracture