Aquatic Adventure: Eat Like a Whale

Welcome to the Aquatic Adventure: Eat Like a Whale

Let’s investigate how whales eat! Then, join in on an experiment to see what household items best mimic the feeding strategies and adaptations of these sensational cetaceans. 

You will need: 

1 set of grill tongs

1-2 paintbrushes

1 comb

A container of dried herbs

Small colorful objects such as sprinkles, glitter, or beads

Small toys no bigger than your thumb but no smaller than a penny

1 clear container for water that has room for 2 hands

1 towel


  1. Check out the Aquatic Adventures video on National Marine Life Center’s Facebook page. 
  2. Download the Aquatic Adventures: Eat Like a Whale Worksheet available at the bottom of the page.
  3. Fill your clear container with water
  4. Add in your krill (dried herbs), fish (small toys), and marine debris (small colorful objects).
  5. For extra STEM, have your group make predictions about which tools will work the best for “catching” different “foods”. Write these predictions down on the worksheet wherever you like. 
  6. Use the comb, paintbrushes, and tongs to try to “eat” the krill and fish but avoid the debris.


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The National Marine Life Center will be producing an Aquatic Adventure Activity every Wednesday and Friday, posting the resources to Facebook at 11AM each morning. Blog posts may also be created. We hope these adventures and activities help you learn and enjoy the aquatic world around you. 

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