Artist donates proceeds from fish prints to benefit NMLC!

"31 inch striper on black paper" by Joe Higgins, Fished Impressions
“31 inch striper on black paper” by Joe Higgins, Fished Impressions

Looking for a last minute holiday gift?  Check out these beautiful fish prints by artist Joe Higgins.  According to Joe, fish prints – or “gyotaku” –  have their roots in 19th century Japan when fishermen would record their catch by coating the fish with ink and rubbing paper on it to make a print.  Joe is following in the same tradition by making impressions of the fish he has caught.  The results are unique artwork.

"Woodshole Tautog on Rice Original" by Joe Higgins, Fished Impressions
“Woodshole Tautog on Rice Original” by Joe Higgins, Fished Impressions

Between now and December 31, Joe will donate 100% of the proceeds of his original prints to the National Marine Life Center, the Jimmy Fund, or the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salem (buyer’s choice).  Proceeds donated to NMLC will help us complete our new marine animal hospital and open for stranded sea turtles.

For a truly unique gift that also gives back, visit Joe’s gallery  For more information, contact Joe directly at 978 944 1709 or

P.S. This is not the first time the National Marine Life Center has benefited from Joe’s creativity.  When he’s not fishing or creating art from fish, he helps organizations and businesses market themselves.  Earlier this year he created a great sign for our hospital construction project.  Click here for the story.