Artist Profile: Caitlin Hurd

Sagamore Beach, by Caitlin Hurd
Sagamore Beach, by Caitlin Hurd. Oil on Canvas. 9 x 12". Opening bid $550.

“Intrigued by the particulars of ‘the suburbs,’ Caitlin Hurd questions the expectations of the culture in which she grew up. Using a painting vocabulary rooted in modernist, figurative tradition, she explores what it means to be conditioned towards the idealized nuclear family and traditional work-life, and what happens when one deviates. Caitlin employs images of suburban landscapes, domesticity, unmoored, floating bodies and sleepwalkers to symbolically weigh the promises of happiness and predictability against the more complicated realities.”

Editor’s Note: Caitlin Hurd is one of the featured artists in the National Marine Life Center’s upcoming Art for the Seas event. The above artist’s statement is from her website, ~kaz