Artist Profile: Kathy Edmonston

Great Blue at Sunset, by Kathy Edmonston
Great Blue at Sunset, by Kathy Edmonston. Pastel. 15 x 18". Opening bid $200.

“I always knew that I could draw well, but it wasn’t until college that I actually took a formal class. It never occurred to me that I could pursue art as a career, so I chose business.

“After more than 25 years in the advertising and high tech publishing business, I found my creative needs increasingly demanding attention. In 2005, shortly after the death of my mother, I signed up for a class in pastel painting looking for distraction and hoping for some solace. That was it. My love of color and desire to work with my hands found a new voice with pastel.

“Now I have the great good fortune to pursue art. My art. Wherever that leads me. I am currently still dedicated to pastel, which allow enormous expression and versatility. I am just beginning to unlock the potential that they offer.

“I have studied drawing at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and continue to take art classes locally, as well. I have participated in many painting workshops with renowned national artists and instructor including Susan Ogilvie, Rosalie Nadeau, Robert Carsten, Terry Ludwig and Liz Haywood-Sullivan.

“To state what so many others have said before me, and perhaps more eloquently…. the beauty and light that is uniquely Cape Cod is a constantly renewing source of inspiration to me. Painting increases one’s ability to see. The more you look, the more you see. Every work opens me to see more of this great natural beauty, Cape Cod. I am a happy, and very lucky woman.”

Editor’s Note: Kathy Edmonston is one of the featured artists in the National Marine Life Center’s upcoming Art for the Seas event. The above statement is from her website, ~kaz