Artist Profile: Lance Walker

Extra Measure of Protection, by Lance Walker
Extra Measure of Protection, by Lance Walker. Oil on canvas. 26 x 32". Opening bid $700.

“Lance was born in 1962 in Vallejo, California and moved to the Cape in early 2000 to explore a career in art. Primarily a self taught artist, he started painting in the late 1980’s after years of developing his drawing skills and working in architectural and technical drafting.

“Lance’s only formal training came early in his career, from his two-year apprenticeship under Master Artist, Gilbert Colon, from Puerto Rico. The first six months, he recalls, was strict observation. ‘To see’, Colon would say, ‘is to understand, and only then can one begin to render something with some degree of accuracy.’

“Lance completes most of his finished works in his studio from sketches and photos, but also paints small studies painted plein air. Enjoying the influences of other Cape artist who paint plein air, Lance often meets with small groups to paint New England landscapes. Understanding the necessity of painting outdoors, Lance says ‘that photographs never capture the true light, mood or what actually brought the artist to paint the piece in the first place.’

“Lance paints portraits, animals, landscapes and a variety of other subjects. He focuses mainly on maritime, seacape and landscape subjects. Recently he joined the American Society of Marine Artists.

“He has been in numerous group shows and fund raisers at the Guyer Barn, the Cahoon Museum, the Bass River Cultural Center, the Cape Museum of Fine Arts and The Highfield Hall grand opening and gala.”

Editor’s Note: Lance Walker is one of the featured artists in the National Marine Life Center’s upcoming Art for the Seas event. The above bio is from his website, ~kaz