Artist Profile: Priscilla Levesque

Houses on the Harbor, by Priscilla Levesque
Houses on the Harbor, by Priscilla Levesque. Watercolor. 22 1/2 x 17 1/2". Opening bid $225.

“I paint with transparent watercolor and casein. I usually work outdoors on location in order to accurately record the qualities of my subject. I portray the atmosphere, weather, contrasts of warm versus cool; bright versus subdued; light versus shadow; sharply focused foreground versus blurred distance.

“By working on location I can capture fleeting effects such as rain, fog or snow flurries, as well as gradual transitions such as the ebb and flow of the tide.

“I continue my landscape work during the winter by painting while inside my car. Some people find this unusual, but I think it is quite sensible. I do not really mind the little paint spatters on the dashboard or pencils which fall and roll under the seat. For me it is important to work outdoors, surrounded by the landscape.”

Editor’s Note: Priscilla Levesque is one of the featured artists in the National Marine Life Center’s upcoming Art for the Seas event. The above statement is from her website, ~kaz