Black Backed Gull Release

black backed gull

Today the National Marine Life Center had participated  something outside our normal daily activities of education programs and turtle care. At roughly 3PM , the NMLC crew took a brief moment out of busy schedules to celebrate a quick and joyous moment to release our Black Backed Gull friend.

Our gull friend, formerly known as Winger, was spotted walking along the main street of Buzzards Bay outside the center on June 28th. I had approached him in the middle of the street when I discovered he had a terrible break in his left wing. After some quick thinking, Joanne and I were able to chase the sea gull down the street and wrangle him into a carrier. He was then transported to Cape Wildlife for his medicinal care, since NMLC is not permitted to take care of birds. Nevertheless, Winger spent a little over a month with Cape Wildlife under great care, where we were able to release him back into the wild.

On this very successful event, it was a joyous occasion,  while Winger took his fifteen minutes of fame with us. He make sure to check out his surrounds by walking the park and getting hydrated. Before he was ready to take flight, which he did so nicely! On behalf of NMLC crew: Winger, the best of luck and take great care of that wing!

Posted by Amanda G.
Amanda is a Summer, 2010 intern at the National Marine Life Center.