Breakfast at Patty’s

IMG_6104This morning I joined volunteer Wendy for breakfast at Patty’s!  Actually, she was the only one eating but it was fun to watch.  Despite the severe infection that has caused her to lose most of her top shell (“carapace”), Patty has not lost her appetite.  It’s one of the factors that lend us the greatest hope that she will one day regain her health and perhaps even a new shell.

Patty’s favorite food right now is quahogs.  As you can see in the video, she attacks them with a vengeance!  She will also eat clams… once in awhile!  (She can be rather picky.)  Once when we were out of clams and quahogs we tried feeding her scallops and she seemed to like those as well.

Bon appetit, Patty!

P.S. – If you dig for clams and quahogs and have any to spare, Patty would sure like them!  Drop them by any weekday at the National Marine Life Center, 120 Main Street, Buzzards Bay.  Thanks!