Saying Goodbye to Shawn- He Came He Served He Will be Greatly Missed

AmeriCorps Cape Cod

americorpFor the past two years the National Marine Life Center has served as a service partner for Americorp Cape Cod. This is a tremendous honor where an Americorp service member works at NMLC for seven months from October-July two days per week. Each year we grow to know and love our Americorp members and saying goodbye is always very bitter sweet. Last week we had to say good bye to our 2014 service member Shawn McMahon. shwn 3

Shawn originally a native of New Jersey won our hearts early in his service with his positive attitude and great big smile. Shawn is always enthusiastic and a joy to be around, as well as a hard working and willing to take on any task thrown his way.  Shawn, a double major in environmental geosciences and German studies brought a plethora of environmental education experience to Americorp Cape Cod and NMLC. He worked with the Maine Conservation Corps on the Appalachian Trail completing erosion control projects  for two summers and worked and shawn w tideattended the Seacamp program on Big Pine Key, Florida. He is in love with all things outdoor, and his true passion is for the ocean. He dreams of running a program that educates youth about marine and environmental science through outdoor adventure and sports. It was easy to see that Shawn would be a great fit at NMLC.

While serving NMLC Shawn worked in the hospital, conducted education programs, helped train volunteers, and worked on creating and updating manuals, training materials and hospital protocols. Shawn was the force behind the National Marine Life Center instagram profile and was responsible for some of the best pictures of our patients to date. Shawn developed many skills while working at NMLC including animal restraint, giving injections, and hospital feeding and cleaning protocols. He even made the overnight trek to Florida to release some of our Kemp’s Ridley Sea turtles including his favorite patient #38 Shosho!shawn

Shawn developed some wonderful bonds and friendships here at NMLC and he will be greatly missed. He served our staff, volunteers, and the animals and he will not be forgotten. It took hours for Shawn to say good-bye to everyone at the NMLC. Between being bribed to go to lunch and having his car keys stolen repeatedly, his 30 minute good-bye turned into a 3 hour good-bye because no one wanted to see him go.  As much as we will miss him at the NMLC, we wish him luck on all of his future endeavors and know that he will be successful in whatever he pursues.shawn bye

Good bye Shawn your service will not be forgotten, please come visit us soon!