Catch’s Release


For those of you have been following the National Marine Life Center for awhile, this is a long awaited post. Catch 22 is an endangered Red Bellied Cooter who was admitted to the National Marine Life Center in May of 2010. He had ingested a staple and was suffering from shell fungal disease and after over two years in rehabilitation at the National Marine Life Center he is ready for release! For those not as familiar with his case and wanting to learn more  please check out our earlier post Catching up on Catch 22 or check out Dr. Rogers Rounds Notes.

Catch was the first patient admitted to the National Marine Life Center with a novel fungus which is new to science. NMLC working with Cornell University has identified the fungus and has since matched the DNA sequence with fungus on three additional turtle patients. Thanks to the care of our dedicated volunteers, and the medical treatment administered by our veterinarian and animal care staff Catch is ready for his big day. He has been cleared for release by Dr. Rogers and will be notched with an identifying number assigned by the state during rounds on Tuesday.

On Friday July 13, 2012 Catch-22 will be released into a small population of Red Bellied Cooters in Tremont Pond in West Wareham, MA at 1pm. Everyone is invited to attend!  We will be carpooling from the National Marine Life Center leaving at 12:30 pm. If you would like to see Catch off please contact Kate Shaffer at (508)-743-9888 or

We hope you can attend!!!