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Marine Mammal Parasite of the Month- October 2020

parasite of the month

This parasite is actually a crustacean and is only found on gray whales. They can grow up to 27mm in length and occur in large colonies. Juveniles of this species are not free-swimming and actually develop in a maternal pouch similar to marsupials. What is this parasite and how does it affect whales?     […]

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Patient Update: October 16th, 2020


Yesterday, October 15th, we released our last 3 harbor seals, marking the end of harbor seal season here at NMLC! Derby, Marblehead, and Montauk were released together at Scusset Beach after completing their rehabilitation. Derby was rescued on June 30th with multiple bite marks on his head and wounds all along his body down to […]

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Patient Update: October 2nd, 2020


  It’s finally fall and we are excited to start up our weekly Patient Update blog again here at National Marine Life Center!  We had a very busy end to our summer and are now working to prepare for the upcoming turtle cold-stunning season, which could start as early as late-October.  Since our last post […]

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