Checking In: Patient Update!


The staff at the National Marine Life Center are always working around the clock to take care of our patients in the marine hospital at the NMLC in hopes that they will one day be released to their natural habitats in the wild. Currently the marine hospital is housing eight sea turtles, 9 red bellied cooters, and one seal. Our little hatchlings are healthy and growing just fine. The eight sea turtles are all growing well and becoming more interactive with each other. Of the eight sea turtles, Papi, Carolyn, Phoenix, and Topsy are doing so well they are being evaluated to be released in a warm location. Pickle, one of our red bellied cooters suffering from metabolic bone disease is finally eating on his own which is great news, considering he had been fed through a tube for a month. Last but certainly not least, our seal Townsend has been enjoying playing in the mounds of snow volunteers have been bringing him. You can watch him playing in that snow through our live feed at .He is still suffering from ear infections and our vet is discussing options with other wildlife experts. For more information on our patients check out our facebook page or visit