Cold-stunned and entangled…. you can help #73!


It was a brisk, sunny November day when Number 73 stranded on Cape Cod, barely moving and near death. The young Kemp’s ridley turtle was suffering from cold-stunning – a form of severe hypothermia.

For Number 73, the effects of being cold-stunned have been devastating. She suffers from a serious case of pneumonia. Her white blood cell count is elevated, her oxygen is depleted, and her electrolyte levels are abnormal. She is a very sick turtle.

Even as Number 73 fights to regain her health, she faces an additional challenge. At some point before she was cold-stunned, she had been entangled in a plastic line. Her right rear leg is swollen and the bones have been damaged.

You can help! Your tax-deductible, year-end gift to the National Marine Life Center buys the medicine, food, diagnostic tests, and veterinary care that Number 73 needs to recover and be released back to the ocean!

Just $10 buys antibiotics to fight infection; $25 buys fish and squid to help Number 73 regain her strength; $50 buys a diagnostic test to monitor blood values; and $100 buys a month’s worth of veterinary exams and monitoring. Any amount helps. Please, give now and help Number 73! And, for a limited time, gifts of $500 or more will have the opportunity to name Number 73 or one of our other sea turtles!

On behalf of Number 73 and the other 33 critically endangered sea turtles currently in care at the National Marine Life Center, thank you!