Cool Stuff Dolphins To Kick Off Filming Of Its 2nd Show; children 6-12 urged to audition

casting call

Purple Turtle Productions presents Cool Stuff Dolphins!Purple Turtle’s television production team will return to Cape Cod and partner once again with the National Marine Life Center (NMLC) to produce Cool Stuff Dolphins. The educational television program and web series’ second installment will include a new cast of kids and host, and will involve viewers in the exciting world of dolphins: The science and research that dolphins are helping us to explore, and conservation efforts necessary to protect the habitats of this friendly marine mammal.

Purple Turtle Productions presents Cool Stuff Dolphins!The first episode, Cool Stuff Sea Turtles of the Northeast – also produced in conjunction with the National Marine Life Center – promoted education, science, conservation, and increased awareness of our oceans and the turtles that inhabit them. Cool Stuff Dolphins will also be filmed on-site at NMLC, in Buzzards Bay (Cape Cod), but this latest installment of the series will feature a new host and an exciting cast of area kids.

A casting call at the Burt Wood School of Performing Arts with casting director, Lorna Brunelle kicked off the selection of the program’s host. The program host will be revealed within the week, and will be featured on the Purple Turtle Cool Stuff Facebook page at, as well as on the Purple Turtle website:

Purple Turtle Productions presents Cool Stuff Dolphins!Open auditions for the cast of kids (ages 6-12) will be held in June 22 at NMLC. Aspiring cast members interested in auditioning should contact Ashley Rodrigues at for details about the date.

Companies and individuals interested in serving as Sponsors of Cool Stuff Dolphins – and be part of this exciting educational series and also be included on the list of program credits – should contact Gregg Seibert at, or visit the Cool Stuff website,

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