Dive into the Mermaid Ball

Live underwater performance in Florida featuring mermaid and manatee. Photo from westernerworld.com

Mermaids have attracted much attention across the centuries, from fantastical Greek mythology, powerful nautical superstitions, and even a beloved Disney princess. Easily recognizable as humans with a fishtail, they are closely associated with other marine animals, like turtles and dolphins, but especially manatees/dugongs. Some were even believed to have lured travel-weary sailors to shipwreck with beautiful songs.


Mermaid Ball 2016 PosterThis year, our ninth annual Mermaid Ball is being held at the brand new Rosebrook Event Center in Wareham, MA on the evening of Friday, August 12, 2016 from 6:00 to 10:30 PM. The night will be hosted by Loretta LaRoche and features a silent auction to raise funds to support our marine animal rehabilitation. science and education programs.

We hope that you will come out to join us and help support us in rehabilitating stranded seals and sea turtles of Cape Cod. And what’s more, pirates, mermaids, and other marine animals are welcome too!

COLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlick here for more details and tickets at the official Mermaid Ball website. Take advantage of our Early Bird pricing and save $25 per ticket by reserving your seats before July 17th! Dust off your mermaid tail and get ready for a whale of a time!