Farewell Fabulous Interns!

We have had the pleasure of hosting four fabulous interns this summer. If you came to any of our education programs, stopped by the Center for a visit, or attended any of our fundraising events you were probably met by the friendly faces of Brie, Brian, Alexa and/or Brittany! These students dedicated their summer to marine education and turtle rehabilitation, and were a true asset to the National Marine Life Center! These interns have read stories, made crafts, applied tattoos, taught programs, solicited volunteers, emptied monofilament bins, scrubbed tanks, given turtle treatments, painted and done just about anything we have asked with a smile on their faces. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of students dedicated to marine conservation and education.  Sadly the summer is quickly coming to and end and they must leave us to continue their studies.This summer each of our interns has been working on a project to leave behind as their legacy at the NMLC. The project had to be something that would be useful and an asset to the Center’s staff and volunteers. The interns will be presenting their final projects for our staff, volunteers, and interested members of the public on Monday August 15th at 1pm. If you would like to hear about what these fabulous young folks have been up to all summer please stop by and join us. Their projects include an education display on the differences between dolphins & porpoises as well as seals & sea lions, educational coloring sheets, a water quality training presentation, a new & improved beachcombers table, a intern manual, and an animal hydrodynamics educational program!

Please join us in saying goodbye and thank you to our wonderful interns Brie, Brian, Alexa & Brittany. We wish them great success in their future endeavors, and hope that their experiences at the  National Marine Life Center have been beneficial to their education and career goals. They will all be greatly missed.