Fins and Flippers a Success!


This Wednesday, a group of youngsters came to the National Marine Life Center for this summer’s first Fins and Flippers program. The program, which was put on as part of the filming of an educational video by Cape Cod Community College students, was very successful.

The children that came by (and their parents) were read two picture books and participated in a fun arts and crafts project. The first story told the children about a young seal pup who was washed ashore by a storm and separated from his mother. The pup was given treatment and care similar to what it would receive if it were a patient at NMLC. Children also heard a story about the life of a sea turtle and the many dangers that they face as hatchlings and adults. The two stories taught the children how they can protect marine animals and what they can do if they happen to come across one that appears to be in need of care. After hearing the stories, the children created three dimensional ocean dioramas that they could take home. The day finished up with a tour of the hospital and some time to explore exhibits in the Discovery Center.

The day was fun not just for the kids, but for the interns as well. I had a great time helping out the youngsters with their dioramas and answering all the questions they had about the patients at NMLC and other types of marine animals. I hope that the kids who participate in the Fins and Flippers program not only have fun, but also become interested in marine life and its preservation. I am looking forward to Fins and Flippers getting fully underway in a couple of weeks. The program runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays in July and August with a different theme each week and promises to be just as fun this week.

Posted by Brian Q.
Brian is a Summer, 2011 Intern at the National Marine Life Center.