Help Seals Like Francis!


Seals like Francis need your help!Friends, simply said, we need your help.

Sick and injured seals like “Francis” depend on you.

They depend on you to keep the lights on at the National Marine Life Center, the filtration pumps running, and their pens and pools clean. They depend on you for food, medicine, and vitamins. They depend on you for veterinary exams and professional care. They depend on you to help them get well and get back into the wild.

Did you know that the National Marine Life Center’s seal rehabilitation program recently turned one year old? Late last year we opened our new marine animal hospital to seals. It was a tremendous accomplishment! In our first year, we’ve been busier than we could have ever imagined. We’ve cared for twelve seals, most in critical condition, as well as nineteen endangered sea turtles suffering from severe hypothermia. And there are many more animals in need of our help to give them a second chance.

Now we need your help to keep our doors open for the next sick or injured seal or turtle. It costs up to $61 a day to rehabilitate one seal or turtle, and that’s without any specialized procedures. If an animal needs advanced diagnostics such as a CT scan or an operation to address middle ear disease, it can cost many hundreds of dollars more.

Your donation helps them recover and return home!

Please, make a tax-deductible year end donation to help keep the lights on, the filtration pumps running and the deliveries of food and medicine and supplies coming in. Your financial support is critical to keeping Massachusetts’ only seal rehabilitation hospital open. Consider a monthly gift to keep the hospital open year-round!

On behalf of seals like Francis, thank you. Only with your help can we provide the dedicated care and treatment these animals need to recover. Only with your help can we release them back to their ocean home.