Howland’s Release Scheduled- June 4, 2013 6pm

gray seal

Another success story for the seals from NMLC. A seal send off is upon us!

Howland, a grey seal that was rescued from Round Hill Beach in South Dartmouth on Thursday April 4, 2013 in cooperation with the IFAW Marine Mammal Rescue Team, will be released within the next two weeks. Upon arrival at NMLC, he was immediately placed on fluid and antibiotic treatments, slowly improving as he gained ability to eat on his own. Initially facing unstable glucose levels, multiple parasites, and a case of seal lice and intestinal worms, Howland has had a rocky journey, but continued to push through, thanks to the help of staff and volunteers.

After over a month in rehabilitation, Howland has almost doubled his body weight! On May 23rd, moved from his small pool to a larger pool with other seal, Townsend, Howland has shed his parasites, fought through low glucose levels, and is ready for release. Tagged on May 28th in order to ensure tracking in case of another stranding, the  release date is set  for June 4th at 6pm, at Scusset Beach in Sandwich MA.