Introducing…Our First Patient of 2011!

Our new Diamondback Terrapian patient NMLC -11-001-TMT

Today we welcomed a new addition to the National Marine Life Center! NMLC11-001-TMT is a Diamondback Terrapin  (Malaclemys terrapin) who was found trapped in a window well in Wellfleet, MA on October 20th 2010. Upon discovery  she was determined to be too emaciated and dehydrated to survive brumation. She was transported to Tufts Wildlife Clinic for immediate medical care where she was treated and resided, until today.

Dr Rogers and Kate perform an admimission exam on Diamondback Terrapin NMLC 11-001-TMT

Diamondback Terrapins naturally inhabit salt marshes and brackish tidal waters, and although they can survive in a fresh water environment, it was determined that the terrapin should be moved to a facility with direct access to salt water. Tufts contacted NMLC to see if we could overwinter the turtle . We were happy to offer her a home and look forward to providing care for her over the winter. We will gradually increase the salinity of her environment and transition her to a more naturtal diet. Her medical records indicate that she is now eating  and gaining weight and upon initial examination she seems to be doing well.

As of now the turtle is nameless. Head over to our Facebook page for a chance to name our first patient of the year!
We will choose the top 3 submitted names and hold a poll to vote on the best name! Name submissions will be accepted through 5pm January 7th.