It Takes a Village

No sooner had we offloaded the 10,000-pound generator when another flatbed truck came rumbling into our lot.  This one had three brand new fiberglass tanks atop it!  Trucked in from Waterlife Design Group in Florida, who gave the tanks to us at a heavily discounted rate, the 10-foot diameter, 4-foot deep tanks will serve as sea turtle or seal rehabilitation tanks in NMLC’s new marine animal hospital.

Hospital 2009-11-10 (13)

There was just one problem….  we had no way to lift them off the truck.  Our rented “Lull” heavy-duty forklift was in need of repair and we hadn’t expected the tanks to arrive today.

Hospital 2009-11-10 (19)

Step in our neighbors, Gary and his staff at G. & S. Marine.  They came to our rescue with two fork lifts and quickly lifted the tanks off the truck!

Hospital 2009-11-10 (20)

Thank you, G. & S. Marine!

Hospital 2009-11-12 (2)