Kennedy’s Story

harbor seal

Kennedy had severe facial injures.Meet Kennedy. This weanling female harbor seal was brought to the National Marine Life Center on October 14, after stranding in Rye, New Hampshire suffe
ring from a broken jaw and face injuries. The broken jaw facial injuries were likely caused by her getting her head stuck in some type of marine debris, then trying to escape. But those weren’t her only problems. She was emaciated, dehydrated, and had problems breathing because of serious pneumonia. Her condition was so critical that her chances of survival were small. But she deserved that chance.

Kennedy spent her first several days at the National Marine Life Center in our intensive care unit, where she could rest and receive oxygen therapy. Our dedicated animal care staff and volunteers administered pain meds and antibiotics. We carefully tube fed her several times a day to help her regain her strength. It was touch and go.

Administering medicine via nebulizer.Next, we moved her to a small pen and began nebulizer treatments to help her breathe better. She was still weak and not eating on her own. We continued medication and tube feedings. We worked hard to save her life. We dared to hope.

Now, ten weeks later, Kennedy is a whole different seal. She is active and alert. She can move and breathe easily, and is eating on her own. Her facial wounds – and even her broken jaw – have healed. Her recovery has been amazing!

Once Kennedy completes one last prescribed dose of medicine and reaches a normal, healthy weight, she will be able to be released! We anticipate this happening sometime in January, so stay tuned.

Kennedy's jaw has healed and she's getting stronger!

Kennedy’s story is only possible with your support. Your tax deductible year end donation will help send Kennedy – and other seals like her – back home to the wild where they belong. Please, give now.

Did you know that the National Marine Life Center is the only seal hospital in Northern New England. Every month, sick and injured seals strand on local beaches and need our help. Please consider a tax deductible year end donation today to help seals like Kennedy get a fighting chance to survive.

On behalf of Kennedy and future seals in need, Thank you.

On behalf of Kennedy and future seal patients, Thank you!