Lemonade stands raise money to save marine animals!

We were inspired by recent fundraising efforts from two groups of kids….

Alison of Gray Gables and her two cousins Jordin and Taylor have enjoyed visiting the National Marine Life Center’s Marine Animal Discovery Center.  Excited about NMLC’s construction project to build a new marine animal hospital, they decided to help.  Late August, they held a lemonade stand and car wash.  The proceeds went towards NMLC’s new hospital.  Thank you, Alison, Jordin, and Taylor!

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Bourne sisters Sierra, Molly, and Bella have been long-time supporters of the National Marine Life Center.  For several years, they asked their friends to give donations to NMLC in lieu of birthday gifts.  This year,  they decided on another approach.  Along with two friends, Ali and Danielle, the triplets set up a lemonade stand over Labor Day Weekend.  They sold lemonade, ice tea, brownies, and cookies, and were excited at the response from their neighbors.  Thank you Ali, Sierra, Molly, Bella, and Danielle!