Life’s a Beach … for “Patty”


Okay, maybe it is a kiddie’s pool, but the sand is real and the sunshine is divine.  For the first time since she was found nearly frozen to death on St. Patrick’s Day in Wellfleet Harbor, “Patty” ventured into the open air to bask in July sunshine on Thursday.  The full story of her rescue is documented on Turtle Journal under the headline Severely Cold-Stunned Terrapin Rescued from Wellfleet’s Chipman’s Cove on Saint Patrick’s Day.  Patty continues to show gradual progress at the National Marine Life Center and consumes as much shellfish as a ravenous summer tourist.

Did Patty enjoy her outing at the beach?  Well, you can watch her savoring the warmth and sunshine above.  When staff removed her from the kiddies’ pool to place her back in her large rehabilitation tank, Patty kicked in protest to emphasize her point, “I want MORE!”  And she’ll get it, too.