Luseal Ball, Teddy Roosealvelt and Eleanor Roosealvelt: The First of Our “Pup Stars”

Eleanor Roosealvelt
Luseal Ball

Luseal Ball one of our first harbor seal pups of the season, was named after Lucille Ball. Allied Whale collected her from Deer Isle in Maine, and brought her to us for rehabilitation on May 24. Weighing in at 9.4 kg (20.7 lbs), she came in dehydrated and with a high concentration of liver enzymes. She is now getting fluid therapy,  and is being tube fed five times a day.  Since she is so young, she is not able to eat or digest fish so her diet consists of pup formula – a mixture of milk matrix and fish oil.


Eleanor Roosealvelt

Eleanor Roosealvelt is a harbor seal pup named after Eleanor Roosevelt, brought to us by Allied Whale on May 25th. She was found at Great Spruce Head in Maine a day earlier, dehydrated with a low white blood cell count. When she first arrived, she was extremely small, only 5.3 kgs (11.6 lbs). Weighing nearly half the size of the other seals admitted recently. But she is now getting fluid therapy, and is being tube fed pup formula five times a day to help her grow big and strong.


Teddy Roosealvelt

Teddy Roosealvelt, named after TheadoreRoosevelt, is our first male harbor seal pup of the season. Also collected by our friends at Allied Whale, he was collected from Blue Hill in Maine and brought to us on May 25th after a few days of triage with Marine Mammals of Maine. He also suffered from dehydration and a low white blood cell count. He too is being treated with fluid therapy, and getting tube fed pup formula five times a day.

With all three of these seals together in our “pup room”, it can get really dirty really fast, and so they get daily baths where they get to swim around in a large kiddie pool and animal-safe shampoo. They are also learning how to swim; every day they get about 20-40 minutes of swim time! After swallowing water the first couple times, they learn quickly and now love swimming around and blowing bubbles. With all the feedings and care they require, our team of dedicated volunteers and interns work around the clock to make sure they stay healthy!