Manatee Madness

Manatee During a Health Assesment

Next week is  Manatee week at  the National Marine Life Center! Please join us for some Sirenian Celebrations during our education programs this week! On Tuesday & Thursday it’s  our Fins & Flippers program where young children can listen to a story about manatees, do a manatee craft project, and learn some great manatee facts!

On Wednesday our Marine Animal Medical Mystery Program, older kids will accompany our Animal Care Coordinator, Kate Shaffer on a manatee health assessment, like those featured in this video!

Kate worked with manatees in Florida for several years and is excited to share her knowledge of these unique creatures with you! Come and learn about the manatee research being conducted in Florida and around the world! Become a manatee researcher and capture a model manatee, take measurements, samples and monitor vital signs! Although we don’t see manatees on Cape Cod often they have shown up on occasion in need rescue and transport to warmer waters! If you would like to learn more about Manatees, their unique adaptation, and threats to their survival please stop by the NMLC next week!!!

Kate assisting with manatee health assessments in Crystal River, FL