Meet Jane Goodseal and Johnny Appleseal!


Harbor pup season has officially started here at NMLC. We expect to take in nearly a dozen pups which will bring our hospital to maximum capacity.  Johnny Appleseal is our first seal pup of the year! He was found in Plymouth, MA on April 13th, 2017, and brought to us by NEAQ.  He was admitted into the hospital with malnourishment, because he was abandoned by his mother, and cannot survive on his own as a pup.

Right behind Johnny, the second pup to be admitted to us this year is Jane Goodseal! This pup was brought to us by IFAW on April 18th, 2017. Jane was found stranded in Sandwich MA, and is being treated for malnourishment due to abandonment as well.

This pair of pups were both born premature and were brought to us with their umbilicus still attached. In critical condition, these two have been receiving around the clock care. Seal pups, much like humans, learn how to survive by mimicking their mother’s actions. At NMLC, the pups learn how to swim, eat and chase food to simulate life in the wild; the first steps in their road to release. Johnny and Jane are both on track to a successful recovery, and have both gained 11 lbs since their admittance and are becoming strong swimmers!

Posted by Holly S.

Holly is a Summer, 2017 Marketing and Outreach Intern at the National Marine Life center.