Meet Our Four New Rambunctious Pups!

Dian Fosseal

Sealvia Earle is our fifth harbor seal pup of this year’s harbor seal pupping season! She is named after Sylvia Earle, a marine biologist, author, lecturer, and National Geographic explorer-in-residence. Sealvia was picked up in Middle Hardwood Island, ME and brought to NMLC by Allied Whale at the College of the Atlantic. She was admitted weighing 7.4kgs with glossal ulcers, low sodium and oxygen levels, and hyponatremia caused by abandonement. She has gained almost a kilogram since being admitted and is starting to learn how to swim! Sealvia is currently working on her singing voice, as she reminds us by constantly vocalizing during feeding times.


Sealonardo DiCaprio is our sixth harbor seal pup of the season. He is named after Leonardo DiCaprio, an actor, producer, and environmental activist. Leo was brought to us after being abandoned by Allied Whale at College of the Atlantic from Great Spruce Head Island, ME. He weighed 5.4kgs upon being admitted with a fever, lethargy and labored breathing, glossal ulcers, low oxyen levels, and hyponatremia. He is now doing well, weighing over 6kgs. He is incredibly inquisitive and is always thoroughly investigating his surroundings. Leo is our resident escape artist, so you can typically find him waiting by the door for his next attempt at freedom!


Dian Fosseal, our seventh harbor seal pup of the season, was abandoned and brought to us from Bucks Island, ME by Allied Whale at College of the Atlantic. She is named after Dian Fossey, a zoologist, primatologist, and anthropologist specializing in mountain gorillas. Dian weighed 7.6kgs when she arrived at NMLC, and was admitted with glossal ulcers, labored breathing, hyponatremia, and megaesophagus. She is gaining weight and currently learning how to swim. Dian acts as the mother of the four, calmly helping us care for our pups.


Rosealind Franklin is our eighth harbor seal pup of the season and was brought to us from Bar Harbor, ME by Allied Whale at College of the Atlantic after being abandoned and found in the road. She is named after Rosalind Franklin, a British chemist known for her contributions to the understanding of the double-helix molecular structure of DNA. Rosie came to NMLC with glossal ulcers, dehydration, hypoglycemia, and low oxygen levels. She weighed 7.4kgs. Rosie has gained a kilogram since being admitted and is currently learning how to swim on her own! You can typically find Rosie next to Leo, her best friend, protector, and sealebrity crush.


Posted by Elizabeth M.

Elizabeth is a Summer, 2017 Animal Care and Education Intern at the National Marine Life Center.