Meet Our New Patient: Lucky the Gray Seal

Lucky is a male gray seal weanling, rescued from Gloucester by the New England Aquarium after being monitored several days. Admitted on May 30th, he arrived with wounds on his flippers, severe dehydration and was severely underweight.

This past Tuesday he underwent his first weekly “rounds” exam. Although he is still in poor condition, through use of antibiotics, fluids and tube feeding, he has stabilized. He faced possible amputation of a flipper after being admitted, but for now, part of his flipper has detached on its own. The wounds are being observed and dressed on a daily basis.

It has been further observed that he is suffering from respiratory issues, including lung worm. After examinations, several other wounds were found on his back flippers. He is also suffering from increasing alopecia (hair loss), although it is likely that stress may be adding to this.

Over the last week, Lucky remained in dry holding, being closely observed. He is on a strict feeding and antibiotic schedule, being tube fed three times a day with gruel, comparable to baby food, containing mashed up fish and other supplements he needs to put on weight. We have been testing his reaction to solid food, but he remains uninterested right now.
He’s been enjoying his pool in dry holding, and adjusting to his new residence. He has a long way to go, but his feisty spirit will most certainly help him through. He is one sassy seal!
Stay tuned for more updates on Lucky over the course of his treatment and check out our Facebook page for more photos.