Meet our Summer 2018 interns! National Intern Day

Animal Care







Name: Gabriella N

Hometown: Rochester, NY

School: Roger Williams University (Graduated 2018)

Major: Marine Biology

Bio: At the age of 10, Gabriella fell in love with the ocean while she was on vacation with her family in Bar Harbor, Maine. Ever since, Gabriella has always known she wanted a career that dealt with the ocean and its inhabitants. She hopes to continue down the path she is on here at NMLC, and eventually move on to a career at a rehabilitation facility for marine mammals and sea turtles.








Name: Grant M

Hometown: Norton, MA

School: Roger Williams University (Graduated 2018)

Major: Biology & Chemistry

Bio: From a young age, Grant has always been incredibly passionate about animals. He aspires to pursue a career in animal sciences and hopefully study veterinary medicine.








Name: Meghan W

Hometown: Ashland, MA

School: San Juan College

Major:  Veterinary Technology

Bio: Meghan is very interested in rehabilitation medicine and conservation. She also has a strong love for sea turtles! When she’s not here at NMLC, she enjoys spending time with her four-year-old rescue dog, hiking, and exploring the outdoors.










Name: Molly W

Hometown: Concord, NH

School: University of Rhode Island (Graduated 2018)

Major: Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Bio: After gaining such incomparable hands-on animal care experience from NMLC, Molly aims to continue working in a career to support wildlife and conservation of species. Using experience she has gained through educating others about our oceans and hands-on animal care, Molly hopes to make a difference for animals and inspire others to do the same.



Name: Matt A

Hometown: Raynham, MA

School: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Major: Marketing

Bio: In Matt’s spare time, he likes to make music and hang out with his friends and family. Since making a difference in the real world is something he has always wanted to accomplish, Matt hopes to continue working somewhere involving animal care or rehabilitation after he graduates.









Name: Hannah G

Hometown: South Portland, ME

School: University of New England

Major: Animal Behavior

Bio: Hannah hopes to eventually become a wildlife photographer/videographer and help teach people about different animals and places many people may never get to see.








Name: Katie G

Hometown: Tiverton, RI

School: Roger Williams University

Major: Marine Biology & Aquaculture

Bio: Growing up by the ocean, Katie’s passion for marine life started at a very young age. She offers her thanks to NMLC for making a dream come true because she has always wanted to work with seals!








Name: Helena H

Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD

School: Bryn Mawr College

Major: Political Science, Pre-Veterinary

Bio:  Although her major doesn’t reflect it, Helena is pursuing veterinary school where she’ll hopefully focus on marine mammals or livestock.


Name: Ginny S

Hometown: Wareham, MA

School: Unity College

Major: Captive Wildlife Care/Education and Parks and Forest Resources

Bio: Ginny has loved animals from a young age and spent much of her high school and beginning of college working with them. Her main goal is to become an animal educator so she can share her passion with others who want to learn about animals.



Name: Megan L.

Hometown: Weymouth, MA

School: Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Major: Marine Science, Safety, and Environmental Protection

Bio: Megan is an avid sailor, animal lover, and educator. After graduation, Megan’s goal is to become a marine science educator.